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When you call my office, you have the guarantee that I will give your case the personal and timely attention that it deserves. We take pride in our diligence to a thorough investigation, unremitting accessibility, and an in-depth 
knowledge of the complicated civil claims process. Having decades of experience helping families recover their losses after a fatal accident has given Bob Barnes a reputation for results across the First Coast.

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Robert Barnes, JD

Protecting The Legal Rights of Accident Victims & Their Families Comes First

The physical and emotional burdens that come after an accident are enough to deal with, let alone trying to find an experienced attorney to represent your case. We will guide you through the complicated legal process and help you recover the fair compensation you deserve.

An Understanding Of How Big Insurance Companies Work

Insurance companies often try to settle a case early, for much less than it is actually worth. You should not cave in to accepting a quick settlement, give us a call first for a free, in-depth consultation.

We have over 45 of years experience bringing justice to individuals across the country.

Bob Barnes Attorney at Law is a full service personal injury law firm that serves clients throughout Duval, Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, Flagler, Alachua and Putnam counties but we are licensed to practice in every county in Florida.

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Nickels Case

Truck driver receives over $1 million for a rear-end collision on interstate 95 in September 2008. My client was driving his truck near Titusville, Florida southbound on Interstate 95 when this tragedy occurred.

The Attic Case

In this particular case, a woman fell through an attic ceiling while helping her landlord move boxes. She injured her leg and received $125,000. This is a far too common situation due to a lack of appropriate safety measures.

Medical Malpractice

In many cases, a timely diagnosis can prevent tragedies among patients under different circumstances. This is not always the case however. We will help you recover the settlement you deserve

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Over 45 years of experience
Your case is our biggest concern

“We treat every case with the same diligence and concern as the last. I take every case personal solely because our clients livelihoods depend on it. Nothing feels better than when I talk to a previous client and they tell me how their life is finally getting back on track and how they feel like they have been given a second chance.”