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 Floridians love the unconstrained freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, inattentive drivers are often far too careless around riders who aren’t protected in the same way that those inside of an automobile are. In fact, two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur when a driver violates a rider’s right of way.  What would otherwise be a simple fender bender in an automobile can turn into a major accident requiring emergency medical attention and exorbitant hospital bills.

If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle or motorcycle accident, call the Law Offices of Bob Barnes. Bob has 45 years of experience dealing with complex, high-stakes cases involving injury resulting from accidents on the road. He will answer, he will listen, and he will give your case the attention it deserves to bring about a just outcome for you or your loved one. 

Dialing (904) CALL-BOB gives you peace of mind knowing an expert who cares about your case can handle the legalities of your accident. Remember to wear a helmet, ride safe, and always remember the benefits of dialing (904) CALL-BOB if you’re involved in an accident.