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It is always unfortunate when an elderly individual is injured due to an unforeseen accident, but when a caretaker or nursing home is at fault due to negligence, it might be time to consult a lawyer. Nursing home abuse can entail many different situations such as a facility employee being careless or not following proper protocol to a nursing home employee taking advantage of a resident whether it be from stealing or mistreatment.


If this is the case in your situation, you may qualify to file a civil lawsuit on a nursing home or care center. There are a number of different types of nursing home abuse including but not limited to:


Physical abuse

Physical abuse to a resident would take place when a nursing home employee or caretaker uses physical force against the resident including hitting, shoving, or restraining the resident inappropriately and more. There are number of signs that are apparent when an elderly individual is being abused.


Financial abuse

Financial abuse can occur when an employee or caretaker is stealing money or personal property from a resident. A nursing home resident should never be pressured or coerced to pay a worker or caretaker for anything that hasn’t been approved by the resident’s power of attorney.


Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse to a resident takes place when an employee or caretaker causes any form of emotional distress to a resident including but not limited to intimidation, harassment, victimizing or disregarding a residents needs.


Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse in a nursing home takes place when a worker or caretaker inappropriately touches the resident without their explicit consent.